• Your adventure in the Houn Delta a few months ago likely set Dirtbane back somewhat, but that was awhile ago. You aren’t sure what he’s up to, but it certainly isn’t anything good. If you go back to his lair, be sure to bring some means of excavating his burial mound. Quinton has volunteered to come along with you and back you up if you decide to take on Dirtbane.
  • Rammelzee still needs some magical artifacts. They sound exotic, but he assures you you’ll know them when you see them:
    #1. An adamantine funnel
    #2. A cold iron coil case
    #3. He’ll continue to pay for any orichalcum spheres and monazite crystals you bring him.

You’re most likely to find these artifacts in the abandoned magical research facilities in the West.
#1. The Pyromancy Laboratory is in the blastlands east of the northern end of the Depleted Forest.
#2. The Hydromancy Laboratory has not been discovered.
#3. The Geomancy Laboratory has not been discovered. Word is that it’s buried under rock and earth.

  • The Grin trade has recently been outlawed in the City of Corillia. Detective Garad Seagull would like to talk to you about that. He has reason to believe the Grin trade is alive and well in the underground, and he would appreciate it if you infiltrated one of the City’s gangs to find out the good word.
  • The elf ranger Irielynn confided that the elves are committed to aiding the Yellow Scarves against the Czar; it’s the only way to guarantee the long-term survival of their forests. She mentioned that there’s a problem in the Eastern woods that’s preventing them from smuggling Yellow Scarves forces out East.
  • Joe Shang is de facto leader of the Yellow Scarves rebellion. There’s plenty you could do to help their cause, mostly along the lines of disrupting military operations and attacking the several labor camps. You should probably gather more information about the camps before deciding if this is a path you want to go down. If you become known to the Eye and Hand as a friend of the terrorists, they could make life in the City and country rather difficult.

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